Somerset Pregnancy Photography – Leah

Today I got to meet Leah, her bump and her boy Lincoln. Leah is due baby number two in June and I popped round for a pregnancy photography shoot this afternoon. We didn't let the grey skies (and actual rain) get in the way and still managed to venture into the farm land around Leah's house for some awesome super cool windy & moody sky shots.

Doesn't she look flipping wonderful!?! After some shots out and about we headed back to her house for some relaxed photos with her little boy... cakes were being made (unfortunately I left before they were baked.... mmmm cake!) and Lincoln was on top form for the camera.

Pregnancy photography is just lush. One of the top things I hear mum's say to me is "I wish I'd had pregnancy photos, but I was too self conscious". I get it, when your body is changing it can be a weird time and you're uncomfortable. Society hasn't really warned you about the stretch marks, the dark nipples, swollen legs and extra weight every where else to carry that bigger belly so sometimes it's a bit of a surprise... but it is totally normal! Thankfully there's a shift happening now, more and more we can see non-airbrushed photos with online retailers... shit is getting real!

But back to this... the incredible nature of growing a tiny human within yourself. What our bodies can do is amazing, you won't ever regret having these images to look back on, you are beautiful and your body did this, made this, you're a superhero.


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